yikes iphone case

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yikes iphone case

yikes iphone case

At 3.5 ounces and 4.8 by 1.9 by 0.7 inches, the T608 isn't as small as the company's popular T68i, but it's not as hefty as the P800 smart phone either. Finished in matte silver with bluish-gray accents, this candy bar-style mobile fits comfortably in your palm, and like certain other Sony Ericsson models, it's equipped with a five-way, square-shaped joystick for controlling menu navigation. The power button adorns the top of the phone, with a headset jack on the upper right and volume buttons on the left.

Despite the T608's appealing form factor, everyday yikes iphone case use produces some immediate gripes, First, the four menu buttons aren't labeled, so it will take some time for you to figure out what each one does and how to master navigation, In addition, all four are extremely close together and slick, so it's easy to hit the wrong one, We also found the blue-backlit keypad too small, and you must firmly press numbers to dial, When the phone isn't in use, you can lock the keypad, although the volume buttons can be jostled in a purse or a pocket, causing the backlight to come on and drain the battery..

And lastly, the T608 features a double-paned viewing screen. Our test model drove us crazy with dust and scratches that were trapped between the internal display and the protective screen so that they're impossible to remove. On a more positive note, the seven-line display (65,536 colors and 128x128-pixel resolution) is superior to the T68i's; both text and graphics looked sharp. The T608 offers some flashy extras in addition to its standard assortment of phone features. You get a 500-name phone book, voice-activated dialing (handy when you're using a Bluetooth headset), wireless Web access via Sprint's 1xRTT network, a vibrate mode, SMS messaging, a built-in speakerphone (see the performance section), and picture caller ID. You can customize the phone by downloading a variety of wallpaper, animated screensavers, graphics, and 16-chord polyphonic tones from the Sprint PCS Vision site, though a small fee is required.

CNET también está disponible en español, Don't show this again, "We expect yikes iphone case this acquisition to double our revenues in the LAN switch market and to position us to gain share as the market embraces gigabit switch products," Lou Tomasetta, chief executive officer of Vitesse, said in a statement, For its fiscal year ended Sept, 30, Vitesse reported $156.4 million in revenue, Vitesse said it expects Cicada shareholders to approve the cash deal in the first quarter of the coming year, By closing, Cicada will have reduced its work force to about 40 employees from about 55 now, Most of the remaining staffers will work on product development..

The maker of communications chips announces its proposed acquisition of Cicada following more than a year of collaboration between the two companies on network switches. Camarillo, Calif.-based Vitesse has collaborated with Austin, Texas-based Cicada for more than a year on gigabit-speed network switch products that combine Vitesse's LAN (local area network) switches with Cicada's copper transceivers. Most of the $10 million return Vitesse anticipates from the transaction next year will come in the second half, when customers are expected to upgrade their 10/100mbps networks to gigabit Ethernet speeds.

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