mission fusion - mixed media painting iphone case

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mission fusion - mixed media painting iphone case

mission fusion - mixed media painting iphone case

Torre agrees. He said that the SSL VPNs are so easy to use, the company's support issues disappeared literally overnight when they started using SSL VPNs. Consequently, the SSL VPN hardware paid for itself in a matter of months. "We still use Cisco (Systems' networking products) for site-to-site IPSec VPNs," he said. "But it's really a no-brainer to use SSL for remote access.". SSL's bright futureFinancial and industry analysts are already projecting high growth in this market during the next year. Last week, Erik Suppiger, an analyst at Pacific Growth Equities, raised his earnings estimate for NetScreen, which completed its acquisition of SSL networking company Neoteris in November.

But to put this growth into perspective, IPsec VPNs still outpace SSL VPNs in terms of revenue, Frost & Sullivan estimates that worldwide sales for IPsec VPN products reached $1.8 billion in 2002 and will likely total $2.4 billion in 2003, The birth of SSL VPNs does not imply the death of IPsec for remote networking, Most experts agree that the technologies are complementary, NetScreen, which had a strong IPsec VPN and firewall business prior to its acquisition of Neoteris, plans to continue mission fusion - mixed media painting iphone case to sell those products separately..

It also looks likely to continue to generate the vast majority of its typical $80 million quarterly revenue from IPsec VPN and firewall appliance sales. For their part, Cisco and Nortel each expect to integrate SSL and IPsec technologies onto one VPN device, which would give customers both sets of functionality. Though SSL virtual private networking offers many benefits, the networking technology is not without its downside. One important element is end-point security. Because a SSL VPN allows people to enter corporate networks via any Web browser, companies need to make sure that it has strong authentication to verify that its users are authorized. It also needs strong policy management to ensure that people only access applications for which they have approval.

SSL VPNs can also expose companies to malicious code, Because people can use any Web-enabled device for access, viruses from those machines can be transmitted to the corporate network, Unlike IPsec VPNs, SSL VPNs don't connect at the network level, On the one hand this is good, because a network-based connection could easily allow viruses to pass through the network, But SSL VPNs can also let damaging code in via applications such as e-mail, "SSL gateways mission fusion - mixed media painting iphone case don't provide any sort of filtering," said Dave Kosiur, a senior analyst with the Burton Group, "So if there is a virus attached to an e-mail, it will still end up on the e-mail server."..

Some SSL VPN providers are already working on ways to protect customers. For example, Nokia has developed the Nokia Secure Access System. The software, which is loaded on a Nokia appliance, not only authenticates employees, but also exchanges digital certificates with the machine being used and performs a client integrity scan. This scan checks for vulnerabilities on the device. Basing its response on this scan and the user's profile, it automatically adjusts the customer's privileges. Aventail, NetScreen and Nortel are also adding security features to their products.

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