empaths give me all the feels! iphone case

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empaths give me all the feels! iphone case

empaths give me all the feels! iphone case

While a throughput of 1gpbs to the desktop is still in its early days, many companies are installing network interface cards for 10/100/1000-megabits-per-second Ethernet on their PCs and servers, because the price points are so low. As these companies start utilizing all that bandwidth, they'll need 10-GigE switches in the wiring closet to aggregate the traffic. Kerravala said it could be a long time before most enterprises need that kind of capacity on desktops. Still, there are certain industries, such as special effects for entertainment, that do require the high capacity.

The place where empaths give me all the feels! iphone case 10-GigE has taken hold--and where it will grow in the next year--is in corporate data centers, where companies are using Ethernet switches to cluster several high-speed servers, Ten-Gigabit Ethernet uplinks are used to aggregate this traffic, which comes in at 1gbps, The 10-GigE interfaces are also used to connect switches together, Equipment makers are optimistic about the trends, and most are expecting sales to kick up even more this year, "I think this is a big year for 10gbps Ethernet," said Andrew Feldman, a vice president of marketing at Force10 Networks, a start-up that specializes in 10-GigE switching..

On Monday, Foundry Networks became the latest vendor to slash prices on its gear. The company introduced a new set of fixed-configuration switches called the FastIron Edge X Series. Traditionally, fixed-configuration products are less expensive overall than chassis-based products, which translates into lower per-port pricing. The 10-GigE packages in the FastIron series are priced at about $6,500 per port--$3,500 for the interface itself and roughly $3,000 for the optical-fiber components. Extreme Networks, which announced a fixed-configuration product in February, lists its 10-GigE package at about $7,000 per port. Next in line is Cisco Systems, which charges about $8,000 per port on a four-port line card that fits into its Catalyst 6500 chassis switch.

The fixed-configuration products empaths give me all the feels! iphone case from Foundry and Extreme, which both support 48 copper-based ports for 1-Gigabit Ethernet and two fiber-based Ethernet uplink ports, will likely be used in two main applications, They can be used in the wiring closet to aggregate 1gbps traffic coming from desktops, and they could be used to aggregate 1gpbs traffic from high-speed server clusters in smaller data centers, Priced on specAnother factor that could also help drive down prices is the adoption of a new 10-GigE specification called 10GBase-CX4, which allows 10-GigE data to be transmitted over copper cable, This specification, ratified by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in February, enables Ethernet to run over CX4, or four twin-axial copper cable pairs, which is the same cabling used in 10gbps InfiniBand and Fibre Channel..

Copper interfaces are typically more than three times cheaper to produce than optical interfaces, which significantly reduces the overall cost of the finished product, said Bob Grow, the chairman of the IEEE 802.3 working group, which oversees all Ethernet standards development, and a principal architect at Intel. But there are drawbacks to the new 10GBase-CX4 standard that may limit its impact. For one, it supports data transmission only at distances of up to 15 meters. By comparison, long-reach optical interfaces that run over single-mode fiber can transmit 10-GigE data at distances of up to 10 kilometers.

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